Speeding vehicle claims life of young tiger near Mysuru


A tragic incident occurred on Sunday night, when a one-and-a-half-year-old male tiger was killed by a speeding vehicle near the Mysuru airport. The tiger, which was part of a family of five, was crossing the Mysuru-Nanjangud highway when it was hit by the car. The driver fled the scene, leaving the vehicle behind.

Forest officials investigate the accident

The forest department officials rushed to the spot after receiving information about the accident. They found the tiger lying on the road, with severe head injuries. They also seized the car, which had a Tamil Nadu registration number. The officials said that they have identified the owner and the driver of the car, and are trying to trace them.

The officials said that the tiger was one of the four cubs that were frequently seen with their mother in the area. The mother and the other three cubs are safe, and are being monitored by the forest staff. The officials said that the tiger family was part of the Bandipur-Nagarahole-Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) landscape, which has a high density of tigers.

Conservationists express concern over wildlife deaths

The death of the tiger has raised concerns among the wildlife conservationists, who said that such accidents are becoming more common due to the increasing traffic and human activities in the wildlife corridors. They said that the Mysuru region is connected to three major tiger reserves in Karnataka – Bandipur, Nagarahole and BRT – and is a crucial habitat for the big cats.

young tiger near Mysuru

They said that the forest department should take measures to prevent such accidents, such as installing speed breakers, sign boards, underpasses and fences along the highways that pass through the wildlife areas. They also said that the drivers should be made aware of the presence of wildlife, and should follow the speed limits and avoid driving at night.

Karnataka has second-highest tiger population in India

According to the latest report of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Karnataka has the second-highest number of tigers in the country, after Madhya Pradesh. The state has 563 tigers, as per the 2020 census, which is an increase of 37 tigers since 2018.

The Bandipur and Nagarahole forests have the highest tiger population in the state, with 150 and 141 tigers respectively, as per the NTCA report. The other tiger reserves in the state are BRT (37 tigers), Bhadra (28 tigers) and Kali (14 tigers). The state also has a large number of migratory tigers, which move across the landscape in search of prey and mates.

The state government has been taking various steps to conserve and protect the tigers, such as increasing the patrolling, monitoring, compensation and awareness activities. The state has also declared several new wildlife sanctuaries and conservation reserves, to expand the tiger habitat and reduce the human-wildlife conflict.


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