Today is Aphelion Day: What does it have to do with Earth and the Sun?


This solar system is made up of 8 planets around the sun. Each planet revolves around the Sun in its own unique path.

It has long been believed that the Earth revolves around the Sun in a circular orbit. But in the 17th century German astronomer, Johannes Kepler discovered the unique elliptical orbit.

Elliptical orbits are also not exactly centered on the Sun. located to one side.

Earth is closest to the Sun for some time. Especially at the closest point on the given day. This is called perihelion. In Greek ‘peri’ means near.

The Earth moves away from the Sun for some time. This is called aphelion. In Greek ‘Apo’ means distance. Today is Aphelion day.

Perihelion falls two weeks after the December solstice. ​​​​​​Aphelion occurs two weeks after the June solstice, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

The average size of the sun and earth is called an astronomical unit. 149.6 million kilometers is an astronomical unit. From this, the Sun would be 152.1 million kilometers away, an increase of 1.67 percent. This afternoon at 12 30 IST, Earth will be at its furthest point from the Sun in its circular path.

Astronomers say the next closest approach to the Sun will be on January 4, 2023. Do not try to look at the sun with the naked eye. They also advise that there will be damage to the eyes


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