Mysterious deaths of two men on railway tracks in Kasaragod


Police suspect train accident as the cause of death

Two men were found dead on the railway tracks near Kasaragod railway station on Tuesday morning. The police suspect that they were hit by a goods train that passed through the area. The identities of the deceased are not yet confirmed, but one of them is believed to be a resident of Kasaragod town.

The police received the information about the incident around 8 am and rushed to the spot along with the Railway Protection Force (RPF) officials. They found one body lying in the middle of the tracks with blood stains around it, and another body a few meters away, near the side of the railway line. The second body was severely injured and had multiple fractures.

The police have registered a case of unnatural death and are investigating the circumstances that led to the fatal incident. They are also trying to ascertain the identity of the victims and contact their relatives.

Two mobile phones found near the bodies

The police also found two mobile phones in a plastic bag on the tracks near the bodies. The phones belonged to two natives of Tamil Nadu, who had approached the Kasaragod Town Police Station with a complaint of missing their phones. They told the police that they had left their phones in a hotel room near the railway station and went out for some work. When they returned, they found their phones missing and suspected that someone had stolen them.

railway tracks in Kasaragod

The police are probing whether the two men who died on the tracks had any connection with the missing phones. They are also checking the CCTV footage of the hotel and the railway station to trace the movements of the victims and the possible suspects.

Locals demand safety measures on railway tracks

The incident has raised concerns among the locals who live near the railway tracks. They said that the tracks are not fenced properly and there is no warning system to alert the pedestrians about the approaching trains. They also claimed that the goods trains often run at high speed and do not stop at the station, posing a risk to the people who cross the tracks.

The locals demanded that the railway authorities should take necessary steps to ensure the safety of the people who live near the tracks. They also urged the police to increase the patrolling in the area and prevent the trespassing on the railway tracks.


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