Virginia Democrat Unfazed by Sex Video Leak, Gets Support from Women Voters


Susanna Gibson, a nurse practitioner and abortion rights advocate, is running for a state Senate seat in a tight race

Susanna Gibson, a Democratic candidate for the Virginia state Senate, is not backing down from her campaign after it was revealed that she and her husband had livestreamed themselves having sex on a pornographic website. Gibson, who is running in a suburban district outside Richmond, said the videos were a private matter and that she was proud of her sexuality. She also denounced the disclosure of the videos as a political attack by her opponents.

Gibson is one of the few candidates in Virginia who supports abortion rights, which have been under threat in the South after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022. She has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups, and has vowed to protect women’s reproductive health care in the state.

Gibson receives support from women voters and Democratic leader after video leak

Despite the controversy over the sex videos, Gibson has received support from many women voters and a prominent Democratic leader in Virginia. State Sen. L. Louise Lucas, who is the president pro tempore of the Senate, called on voters to “make this the biggest fundraising day of (Gibson’s) campaign.” She also said that the videos were leaked by a Republican in an attempt to embarrass Gibson and hurt her campaign.

Virginia Democrat Unfazed by Sex Video Leak

Many women voters echoed Lucas’s sentiment and donated to Gibson’s campaign. They said that Gibson’s sexual activities were nobody’s business and that she did not break any laws by doing them. They also praised Gibson for being open and honest about her sexuality and for standing up for women’s rights.

Gibson faces a tough challenge from Republican businessman in a competitive district

Gibson is running against John Smith, a Republican businessman and former Navy SEAL, in the 10th Senate District. The district is considered one of the most competitive in Virginia, as it has been won by both parties in recent elections. In 2019, Democrat Ghazala Hashmi defeated incumbent Republican Glen Sturtevant by six points. In 2020, President Joe Biden won the district by seven points over former President Donald Trump.

Smith has been campaigning on his military background and his business experience. He has also criticized Gibson for being too liberal and out of touch with the district’s values. He has opposed abortion rights and supported gun rights, as well as lower taxes and less regulation.

The race between Gibson and Smith is one of several that could determine the balance of power in the Virginia General Assembly. Democrats currently hold a four-seat majority in the Senate and a four-seat majority in the House of Delegates, with four seats vacant. The outcome of the November 7 election could have significant implications for the state’s policies on health care, education, transportation, criminal justice, and more.


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