War tension rising in Taiwan – Taiwan president asking for international support!


Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has sought international support to stem China’s belligerent tensions around Taiwan territory.

China has been portraying Taiwan on the world stage as a part of China without recognizing it as a separate theater. China maintains its recognition even as Taiwan operates as a separate democracy. In this situation, last week, US Speaker Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan despite China’s opposition to her Asia tour.

Following this, China imposed a trade embargo on Taiwan and conducted massive military exercises around Taiwan. China condemned the US for US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s support for Taiwan.

While Taiwan is busy implementing its own independent theater, China has increased its military strength by air, sea, and land around the Taiwan region. It is also conducting vigorous war exercises.

In this situation, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has appealed for international support. He said that the Taiwan government and military are monitoring China’s military activities and are ready as needed. Following this, he requested international support to stop the security breach around Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense also reported that Chinese military aircraft were circling Taiwan, some of which crossed the border.


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