Wordle: How to Solve the Daily Word Puzzle That’s Taking Over the Internet


Wordle is a simple but addictive word game that challenges players to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less. The game, created by British developer Josh Wardle, has become a viral sensation since its launch in October 2021, attracting millions of fans who share their results on social media every day. But how do you play Wordle, and what are some tips and tricks to help you solve the daily puzzle? Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Wordle and how do you play it?

Wordle is a web-based game that you can access from any browser on your computer or mobile device. The game presents you with a grid of 25 squares, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Your goal is to guess the correct five-letter word that the game has randomly chosen for that day. You have six attempts to do so, and each time you enter a word, the game will give you feedback on how close you are to the answer.

The feedback consists of three colors: green, yellow, and gray. A green square means that you have guessed a letter that is in the word and in the right position. A yellow square means that you have guessed a letter that is in the word but in the wrong position. A gray square means that you have guessed a letter that is not in the word at all. For example, if the word is “ROCKY” and you guess “MOORY”, you will see two yellow squares for the letters O and R, and three gray squares for the letters M, O, and Y.

You can use this feedback to narrow down your options and eliminate letters that are not in the word. You can also use logic and word knowledge to deduce possible words that fit the criteria. For instance, if you know that the word ends with Y, you can rule out words that end with other vowels or consonants. If you know that the word has only one vowel, you can rule out words that have more than one vowel. And so on.

How to Solve the Daily Word Puzzle

The game is designed to be challenging but not impossible. According to Wardle, the words are chosen from a list of over 10,000 common English words that are suitable for a crossword puzzle. The words are not obscure or technical, but they are not too easy either. Some words may have multiple meanings or spellings, which can add to the difficulty. The game also avoids words that are proper nouns, acronyms, abbreviations, or hyphenated.

How to get hints and answers for Wordle

If you are stuck on a word or want to check your answer, there are several ways to get hints and answers for Wordle. One way is to use online resources that provide clues and solutions for the daily puzzle. For example, Rock Paper Shotgun, a gaming website, publishes a guide every day that offers a hint for the word, such as its definition, its first and last letter, its number of vowels, or its relation to a certain topic. The guide also reveals the answer and its meaning, as well as a screenshot of the grid with the correct word. You can find the guide for today’s word, September 25, 2023, here.

Another way to get hints and answers for Wordle is to use social media platforms that allow users to share their results and discuss the game. For example, Twitter has a dedicated hashtag, #wordle, where players post their grids and exchange tips and opinions. You can also follow the official Wordle account, @wordle, which posts the answer every day at midnight GMT. However, be careful not to spoil the game for others who have not played yet. You can use a spoiler tag or a black-and-white grid to hide the answer from your followers.

A third way to get hints and answers for Wordle is to use your own brain and creativity. You can try different strategies and techniques to crack the code, such as using word lists, anagrams, synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, patterns, or themes. You can also challenge yourself to guess the word in fewer tries, or to use words that are related to the answer. For example, if the word is “ROCKY”, you can use words that are associated with rocks, mountains, movies, music, or boxing. The game is meant to be fun and stimulating, so don’t be afraid to experiment and learn new words.

Why is Wordle so popular and addictive?

Wordle has become a phenomenon in the online world, attracting millions of players who enjoy the game’s simplicity, challenge, and social aspect. The game has several features that make it appealing and addictive, such as:

  • It is free and easy to access. You don’t need to download an app or register an account to play Wordle. You just need to visit the website and start playing. You can also play it on any device, whether it is a computer, a tablet, or a phone.
  • It is short and satisfying. You can play Wordle in a few minutes and get a sense of accomplishment and reward. The game is not too hard or too easy, but just right to keep you engaged and motivated. The game also has a daily limit, which prevents you from binge-playing and makes you look forward to the next puzzle.
  • It is social and interactive. You can share your results and compare them with others on social media. You can also chat with other players and exchange hints and feedback. The game creates a sense of community and connection among word lovers and puzzle enthusiasts.
  • It is educational and entertaining. You can learn new words and improve your vocabulary and spelling skills by playing Wordle. You can also have fun and relax by playing Wordle. The game stimulates your brain and boosts your mood.

Wordle is a game that has something for everyone, whether you are a casual player or a hardcore fan. It is a game that combines the best of both worlds: the simplicity of a crossword puzzle and the excitement of a word search. It is a game that you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. It is a game that you will love and hate, but never get bored of.


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