Zee News Anchor Claims Harassment and Unlawful Termination by Management


Zeenat Siddiqui, a former anchor of Zee News, has alleged that she was harassed and terminated unlawfully by the management of the channel. She has shared her ordeal on her social media account, where she has accused some senior officials of the channel of mentally and physically torturing her. She has also claimed that she was fired without any notice or reason, after she raised her voice against the injustice.

The Allegations of Zeenat Siddiqui

Zeenat Siddiqui joined Zee News in 2019 as an anchor and reporter. She said that she was happy and satisfied with her work, until she faced harassment and discrimination from some of her seniors. She alleged that she was subjected to sexist remarks, abusive language, threats, and physical assault by some of the officials of the channel. She said that she was also denied promotions, increments, and leaves that she deserved.

She said that she tried to complain to the higher authorities, but they did not take any action. Instead, they sided with the accused and tried to silence her. She said that she was also pressured to resign by the management, but she refused to do so. She said that she wanted to fight for her rights and dignity, and expose the truth to the public.

The Termination of Zeenat Siddiqui

Zeenat Siddiqui said that she was shocked and hurt when she received a termination letter from the channel on December 31, 2023. She said that she was not given any reason or explanation for her termination, and that she was not even allowed to serve her notice period. She said that she was thrown out of the channel without any dignity or respect.

Zee News anchor Zeenat Siddiqui

She said that she felt betrayed and humiliated by the channel, which she had served with honesty and dedication for more than four years. She said that she was not given any severance pay or compensation, and that she was left with no source of income or security. She said that she was also defamed and maligned by the channel, which tried to portray her as a troublemaker and a liar.

The Response of Zee News

Zee News has not issued any official statement or response to the allegations of Zeenat Siddiqui. However, some sources from the channel have denied the allegations and said that they were baseless and false. They said that Zeenat Siddiqui was terminated due to poor performance and indiscipline, and that she was trying to blackmail and defame the channel.

They also said that Zeenat Siddiqui had violated the code of conduct and ethics of the channel, and that she had misused her position and authority. They said that the channel had sufficient evidence to prove its case, and that it was ready to face any legal action.

The Support for Zeenat Siddiqui

Zeenat Siddiqui has received support and solidarity from many people, including her colleagues, friends, and followers. They have praised her courage and bravery, and condemned the harassment and termination that she faced. They have also demanded justice and action for her, and urged the authorities and the media to take cognizance of the matter.

Some of the supporters of Zeenat Siddiqui are:

  • Rohit Ranjan, a former anchor of Zee News, who had also faced a fake news case and a contempt notice from the Supreme Court for airing a wrong video of Rahul Gandhi.
  • Shazia Ilmi, a BJP leader and a former journalist, who had also worked with Zee News and had resigned from the channel in 2014, citing interference and bias in the editorial policy.
  • Ravish Kumar, a senior journalist and an anchor of NDTV, who had also exposed the propaganda and manipulation of Zee News in his show ‘Prime Time’.

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